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Alliance IEEE Trade In


New product

Alliance XC with TUV / without Empower and TAW Trade In!

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Delivery free of shipping costs!

Laboratories require performance, reliability and workflow consistency. The exceptional robustness  of this flagship HPLC system yields precise and robust results, providing industry leading consistency and confidence in your analytical workflow, day-to-day and year-to-year.

  • 2695 XC Separations Module w/CHC (latest model) 
  • 2489 UV/Visible Detector w/ICS 
  • Alliance (B) Series Bottle Tray
  • Total Assurance Warranty

Total Assurance Warranty

This contract is valid for 2 years after installation completion.
During those two years every service intervention is covered.
One performance maintenance will be carried out, after the first year of the installation.

The following is covered as part of this contract:

  • Parts
  • Labor hours
  • Travel time
  • Performance Maintenance Kits during the maintenance
  • Not included are consumables (capillaries, ferrules, pressure screws, vials). 

After this period, the contract will be converted to a Total Assurance Plan (TAP) type.

Only valid when returning an IEEE based Waters HPLC system!