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Frequently asked questions



1. I need a quote, how can I get it?

Since our system is tailored to your needs, there is a standard feature for quoting in the system.
To receive a quote for your desired item you proceed as follows:

  1. Add the items you want in the shopping cart.

  2. Open your shopping cart and follow the instructions. Choose your preferred payment method. After that, you can create a quote by clicking "Create quote". This directly creates a quote in PDF format.



2. How can I enter a special number for my accounting?

Below the article list in your shopping cart you will find an input field for a reference number. Here, you can enter a special number (i.e. internal reference number, SAP number, etc.) which you will find also on the bill and other documents again.



3. We need an invoice sent by regular mail

In the last step of the ordering you can choose between 2 options. Invoice by email (free) or invoice by mail (CHF 50,-). Invoice by mail will be sent to your invoicing address by regular mail.



4. We cannot place any order with prepayment

This is not the case in most situations and so please talk to your purchase and finance department. 
For larger investments such as MS or NMR systems, vendors require a prepayment, which is secured by a bank guarantee. This kind of payment puts this transaction in a safety mode until delivery and is accepted by finance and purchase departments. We have experienced this with various companies and universities.