• We were struck by the idea to create a new way to facilitate new acquisitions as well as replacements of existing equipment.

    Mauro Cosetti

  • Thanks to the hplc-eshop, we were able to fully implement our two vendor strategy and at the same time realize cost savings of 25%. The direct sales channel is simple, efficient and helps significantly to save expenses.

    Linda Winkler

    Leiterin Qualifizierung, CarbogenAmcis

  • We have realized that detailed consultations and on-site device presentations are no longer in demand.

    Dr. Hannes Görzel

    National Sales Manager, Waters

  • hplc-eshop.ch gave us the opportunity to profit from the new sales channel significantly and order the 6 required and requested HPLC systems instead of the 4 that were initially budgeted.

    Pascal Hendry

    Sourcing Manager

  • Every savings we achieve in our sales process is passed down to our customers.

    Paul Planje

    CEO, me2any AG